Sometimes? Redemption is not only three fights away…

I am in a bad spot at fantasy baseball. I am one of the lesser lights of the 30-team 34-man rostered league of legends known only as Lozoball. And as such? The Padres debuting starter had an interest for me today.

Now I know starting a story based on Fantasy Baseball is a dark and dangerous path. But as context goes? It’s what got me interested in the Padres starter making his debut. I mean, while the baseball literati would say there is no such thing as a pitching prospect, there are some who would say that once you show a skill, you don’t lose it.

And as such, when Cesar Carrillo, the 2006 #1 prospect for the San Diego Padres at long last made his big league debut after two lost seasons, was somebody that I was interested in seeing.

See, Carillo was the #2 prospect going into 2007. He hit Triple-A that season, for 2 and 2/3 innings. Before he complained of elbow tightness. And some genius (or in hindsight, “genius”) said that rest was going to be the elixir that would save the day. It wasn’t. I mean, his elbow was the elbow of a college pitcher.

So one Tommy John later? And we have someone who hasn’t exactly shown the best of skills in the minors on his returns. But somebody’s got to pitch for the majors. And Carillo got his turn. And got lit up. 8 runs, 4 hits, 3 dingers.

Sometimes, the light of hope does not shine. TJ’s usually not a career killer. But what he needs is something that the Padres can’t give him.

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