I’m currently standing on the concourse on the third base side of the ballpark, having left the cozy confines of Section 110 to go in search of food. As I was leaving my seat, two things happened: a guy proposed marriage to his special lady friend on the scoreboard (she said yes) and I knocked over an apple that the lady next to me had perched on the railing. She looked annoyed that I did this, even accidentally; to this, I have to say: why did you perch an apple on the railing? You were just asking to have it knocked off, even accidentally.

As for the food: I could live on Italian sausage from the ballpark if need be, and the line for this one was nonexistent. One of the things I like about this place is the good service.

Bumgarner struck out two more last inning, which gives him at last four in as many innings. The only threat was a runner who reached and stole second – I could see from my vantage point that he overslid the bag and was tagged out, but the umpire couldn’t change positions fast enough (although he did show some hustle in the attempt).


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