The Ongoing Saga Of The Brothers Rasmus: Colby Strikes Back

It’s been five days since we last spoke of the glorious Rasmus Brothers, which always feels like about four days too long.  This time, however, I nearly forgot about it until a trip to Twitter jogged my memory.

Cory Rasmus had a nice night on Thursday: six innings, one run, three hits, one walk, eight strikeouts.  And he picked up the win, which is always nice.

Brother Colby was 0-4 and left a couple runners on base against the Astros.  But he was also the beneficiary of a very special video that was uploaded to YouTube nearly three weeks ago and posted on Deadspin this morning.

That was…amazing.  I’m beyond words.  I wish I’d known about it on August 11, because this video is the only thing with the raw power to counter Cory’s no-hitter.

I just…I think I need to go to sleep now.

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  1. That was terribly awesome.


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