Promotions, Promotions Everywhere

There is a promotion happening in the next section over, led by Morgan, who carried Kevin Gray’s team in the homerun derby. My wife: “We should be doing that. She’s your friend. Hook it up.” Um, yeah, right. We’re close. Totally.

The Fisher Cats are doing a really cool thing. Tonight’s game, as mentioned, was supposed to be a doubleheader. To make it up to fans, they’re offering to exchange the ticket stub from tonight’s game to either the last home game of the season on Monday or any April home game next season.

Kalish has hit the ball well tonight – just pulled a rope down the line for an RBI double.

2 responses to this post.

  1. That’s a good deal. I went to the last home game of the season in Lynchburg last season, and they were having a fire sale on beer. We bought bottles of the expensive stuff for a buck apiece.


  2. Things like this really show the difference between a good organization and a bad one. I’m sure there were a lot of grumpy people when it was announced that the doubleheader had been moved to tomorrow. Instead of saying, “Eh, them’s the breaks,” like many places would have, the Fisher Cats figured out a way to make things right.


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