The Long Awaited Media Homerun Derby Video

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At last week’s Media Homerun Derby, my wife was in charge of getting some video of Team Bus Leagues in action.  (In the first email he sent after I informed him that I was in, Eric ordered us to get video documentation.  He used all caps when making the demand, so I knew he meant business.) 

What you are about to see isn’t the greatest quality – my wife was sitting in the shade and decided not to venture out into the sun-splashed seats closer to the field – but it’s enough.  You can still witness my painful-looking swing (it’s kinda obvious I hadn’t swung a bat in awhile), my Prince Fielder-like girth (I think that’s partially why the swing looked so awkward), and the crowd reaction to my one big hit of the day (my mother-in-law was more excited about the fact that Jamie Staton high-fived me than anything else).  Also, there’s a sort of bonus feature included: live audio commentary from my father-in-law.  My favorite part is when I get five pitches deep in the finals without doing much and he chuckles and says, “Just don’t choke.”


2 responses to this post.

  1. I dunno. I think my favorite commentary might have been “GO DADDY, GO!!!”


  2. It would’ve been my favorite too…if it was my kid saying it.


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