The Package of Pitching Prospects…

You’re a major league baseball team. Maybe you’re in the midst of spitting hot fire. Maybe you’re in the midst of crawling out from the wreckage of fail that an internet punster would deign to deem epic. But you have several highly touted young studs. And a source like Baseball America would deem that these kids are more than all right.

In fact, these kids are aces. 

And people who need something to hope for and something to hold on to? They get fired up. Because the future’s coming. And it’s going to be awesome.

Let me just tell you whippersnappers, not so fast.

Mention to a learned Oakland fan the four aces, and you will get a convulsion. You have David Zancaro, Kirk Dressendorfer, Don Peters, and the immortal douchebag that is Todd Van Poppel. And you have the best success being when Todd Van Poppel reinvented himself as a journeyman Chuck Crim among a set of broken dreams.

Nobody’s going to say that Jason Isringhausen has not culled himself a nice career. But he was the front man of Izzy, Pulse and Paul. They were a prog rocking power trio who were supposed to save the Mets. And while Izzy carved out a solid solo career as a closer? Paul Wilson was somebody who John Sickels called the perfect pitcher…before he started having shoulder troubles.

And we still don’t know whatever happened to Bill Pulsipher. I think he’s in Mexico. Or Alaska. He just wants me to leave him alone. Sorry.

And this is where we cross paths with today’s context. In the middle of the decade, the Rangers actually were filled with hope. Hope and Pitching. Pitching in the form of a very special DVD.

But John Danks had to go. They wanted to challenge the White Sox to a pitching prospect trade. Brandon McCarthy was what they got back. They immeadiately regretted that decision.

Edinson Volquez got fed to Dusty Baker. Josh Hamilton’s one spectacular half and moments of brilliance beyond the politics of his falling off the wagon was the return. But there was a third. The end of the DVD so to speak.

His name was Thomas Diamond. He was the 2004 1st round Pick. He fell off with shoulder injuries. Now, he’s off the Rangers 40-man roster. He deserves your sympathy. Expectations that most shoulders could not bear have fallen upon him.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Dear Andrew,
    Why is Todd Van Poppel a douchebag? I despise that term, it reeks of “I have nothing better to say about this person I don’t like, but I can’t really tell you why I don’t like them”. Can you please define douchebag and tell us why that fits Todd Van Poppel?


  2. Posted by Andrew on September 3, 2009 at 12:55 pm

    It’s someone who’s acted as if they were beyond a jerk but you don’t want to swear as you talk about them. I saw TVP play baseball when I was 10. As I was 10? I asked him for an autograph. He didn’t decline. But he didn’t exactly sign it Todd Van Poppel either.


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