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Luke Holko Update had a story on Luke Holko today, including a link to a web site that has been set up to provide updates on his condition.  The most recent post, published by his mother Nicole about half an hour ago, is hopeful:

So…today my precious baby boy moved his eyes and eyelids and his mouth!!! God is showing us little signs each and every day! He squeezed papa’s hand today and coughed alot when suctioned.  He get anxious when he hears them getting ready to do that or start meds so his ICP’s go up…last night was a little of a rough nite so the started sedating him more…which from what i’ve been told is a good thing cause its a sign he’s becoming more aware of his surroundings! His vitals go a little up and down but overall remain close to the same through out the day…

Not gonna lie, it got a little dusty in my living room when I read that first sentence.  Keep fighting, kid.

Donations can also be made through that web site to help with Luke’s medical costs.  The surrounding community, the Mahoning Valley Scrappers, other New York-Penn League teams, and the Cleveland Indians have all made generous contributions of time and money thus far.

It’s A Beautiful Day, Isotopes Fans – Let’s Turn Three

The front page of has a note that Albuquerque turned a triple play in Game One of its playoff series yesterday against Memphis.  I wanted to see how it happened, so I went to the game recap and found this description:

  • Brian Barden walks.
  • Mark Shorey singles on a line drive to third baseman Blake DeWitt. Brian Barden to 2nd.
  • Matt Pagnozzi grounds into a triple play, shortstop Chin-lung Hu to first baseman Hector Luna to shortstop Chin-lung Hu. Brian Barden out at 3rd. Mark Shorey out at 2nd.

Call me crazy, but I found it impossible to make any sense out of that.  Good thing there was link to a game story:

Memphis added another run in the fifth and looked poised for more in the sixth until some defensive wizardry by Chin-Lung Hu got the ‘Topes out of a jam. With Brian Barden on second and Mark Shorey on first, Pagnozzi sent a grounder to short, allowing Hu to tag Barden, who was moving on contact off second, for the first out before stepping on the bag to force out Shorey and completing the third triple play in Isotopes history with the turn to Hector Luna at first.

Okay, that makes more sense.  The recap didn’t make it clear that Hu handled the first two outs on his own before throwing to first for the rare (I imagine) 6-3 triple play.  Too bad second baseman Tony Abreu wasn’t involved – Hu-to-Abreu-to-Luna has a nice ring to it.