Turning Two The Hard Way

I wish I could embed the video found at the link below, but that option doesn’t appear to be available.  If you want to see two runners being gunned down at the plate on the same play, however, you’ll go ahead and click:


The throw from the outfield and the relay to the plate were both excellent, but I think the second runner gets in if he goes left.  The catcher couldn’t have turned to make the play in time (although he might’ve run the risk of somehow passing the other runner, I suppose).  Unfortunately, I don’t think he realized that until he was already going into his slide.

The play-by-play man said that he’s never seen this before.  Come on now – who hasn’t seen the highlight from the 1970s or 80s where this exact same thing happens?  I mean, besides YouTube?  And apparently, things like this happen quite a bit at the major league level.

One response to this post.

  1. Its hard to believe that the announcer has never seen that before. I vividly remember Carlton Fisk getting both Bobby Meachum and Dale Berra this way. Then again the video is played before every Sox game.


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