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Tales From The Minors, As Told By A Minor Leaguer

Almost every other day, it seems, I find a great new minor league-related blog or web site.  Today’s find was Life in the Minors, a blog written by Giants minor leaguer Garrett Broshuis.  One of his recent entries, “Notes on a bus trip,” had me laughing from the second paragraph on:

10:37 pm:
I’m talking on the phone to my wife just outside of the bus, prior to its departure, when suddenly a giant teenager rushes me. It turns out to be Bumgarner. “Hey, let’s go catch a ‘possum!” he excitedly yells. Since nobody can turn down this enthusiasm, I tell my wife I’ll have to talk to her later; ‘possum hunting comes first.

We chase a ‘possum up a tree, crawl into the tree, and then search for another. Nearly sprayed by a skunk, we unsuccessfully return as Madison talks of spiders. The bus nearly leaves us as we sprint the last 50 yards.

How priceless is it that Madison Bumgarner apparently acts like a four-year-old (and on the day before he’s scheduled to pitch, no less)?  I can only imagine what the Giants clubhouse is like with him and Lincecum in there.  Finger painting at two, story time at three, nap time at four, sheer dominance at seven.

Broshuis’s minor league view isn’t all humorous – he has also recently written thoughtful pieces on former teammate Angel Villalona and the difference between “pitching to the situation” and “pitching to the score”.  It’s all worth checking out.