The Minor Links

With the 2009 season growing smaller and smaller in the rear view mirror, I figured I’d highlight  three or four quality items that appeared in my Google Reader in the last few days:

Porter’s Prospect Report posted some thoughts on the the Mesa Solar Sox, an Arizona Fall League team that includes, among others, Red Sox prospects.  The Holy Trinity of Josh Reddick, Jacoby Ellsbury, and Ryan Kalish patrolling the Fenway Park outfield together in a few years?  I might be able to deal with that – if the two corners can hit 30+ homeruns a year.

John Sickels closed the book on his 2009 prospects book with a recap on his preseason Top 50 pitchers and Top 50 hitters.

Minor league baseball players have one of the coolest jobs in the world, but get a pretty raw deal financially.  Garrett Broshuis wonders if maybe affiliated team owners should help them out, perhaps by paying housing costs for players in their minor league systems.  He puts the cost at roughly $60,000 for a team of thirty players.  I’d be interested in hearing a response from teams as to the feasibility of Broshuis’s proposal.

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