V. Castilla: It Couldn’t Be…Could It?

My friend Chris wrote this last night. Fun fact: it is the second post we’ve ever done in the month of February, and the first since 2008. Enjoy.

Earlier tonight I found myself channel surfing looking for something more than reruns of The Office and American Idol, but I wanted something more than that…. So I turned my sights to the MLB Network and I found a Caribbean World Series game between Mexico and Venezuela. There are a lot of young prospects that get a lot of experience during the Winter League; it is a proving ground for players seeking the attention of MLB scouts and General Managers. As they were going through the defensive lineup for Team Mexico the third baseman had a very familiar name: V. Castilla.

I was curious, and instead of just looking on the internet and finding the answer to my question I decided to wait until they mentioned his name or showed his face. No sooner than 4 pitches later, sharp ground ball to third, Castilla goes about 4 steps towards the hole and makes a solid throw to first to get the out. Then I hear the announcer say that sure enough it was the Vinny Castilla playing 3B for the Mexican team.

Castilla hasn’t played in the Majors since 2006 where he batted a dismal .229 with just 5 home runs. During the mid 90’s Vinny was one of those feared hitters who played in the Little League stadium known as Coors Field. Castilla, as well as Burks, Bichette, and Galarraga….pitchers worst nightmares but bleacher seats fan favorites. The 3 time Silver Slugger winner was playing at 42-years-old with players that were half his age.

Vinny played for Hermosillo in the LMP league, batting a very respectable .292 with 7 homers and 27 RBI’s. Although his time in the majors have come and gone, Castilla still has a passion for baseball and is once again proving that age is just a number.


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  1. Castilla was the star of one of my favorite baseball memories from when I lived in Colorado. It was bottom of the ninth and the Rockies were tied with the Reds, and he hit the walk-off dinger to win it. It wasn’t just the dramatic timing of it so much as the fact that it only could have happened in Coors: It was a line-drive with very little lift, but in Denver, that’s good enough to get it over the wall.


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