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I Need An APB On Willy Taveras!


This absolutely brilliant infographic comes from a site called Flip Flop Flyball. If Willy Taveras ends up writing the sequal to Folsom Prison Blues, you’ll know why.

CWS Finals Preview at The College Baseball Blog


The College World Series has come down to two powerhouse programs. Texas has 6 previous titles, with the most recent coming in 2005. LSU last did it in 2000, and is one behind the Longhorns with 5 big-ass trophies. Texas has won the most games overall in Series history, with a whopping 81 victories.

For more info on this year’s teams, check out The College Baseball Blog’s Preview.

The Championship Series begins tonight at 7pm on ESPN, with a second game at the same time on Tuesday.

Bus Leagues Road Trip: The 2009 College World Series, Part 1

I’ll be honest here: I find it rather a daunting task to attempt to describe my whirlwind two-day visit to Omaha. Fortunately, I remembered that a picture is worth 1,000 words, so I’ll be letting my camera do the talking for part of this recap.
I have always wanted to go to Omaha for the Series, and stupidly did not do so when I lived a couple of hours away in NE Kansas. Fortunately, fate allowed me another chance, as my recent freelance association with’s Sports Travel page gave me an in.
I had already planned to travel to New York for Blogs With Balls 1.0, so I just added in a connecting flight to Kansas City, where I met up with my dad. He was hauling his travel trailer, so we’d have a cheap and portable place to stay while we were in Omaha.
We rolled in before the 1pm game. Since I had press credentials, my dad had no way to enter Rosenblatt with me. Being a marvelous and supportive father, he was quite happy to let me work while he explored the other sights in Omaha, of which there are many. His decision was invaluable, as I needed time to interview fans and officials and never made it to the nearby zoo. My dad did, and he gave me all the pertinent details. He also had the tough job of having to eat at the awesome diners around the stadium. Poor guy.
I was pretty eager to get inside, as the 1:00 game between UNC and Arizona State was already underway. Rosenblatt, despite being built in 1947, has an excellent seating diagram. The diamond was completely visible from every vantage point I explored.
I did some pre-interviews by phone before I arrived, and one of the event’s organizers highly recommended the bleacher experience for first-time visitors. It was packed in the outfield, with fans spilling out into the walkways. The vibe of happy rivalry was really enjoyable.
I call the second photo here “Mona Lisa of Tempe”, because I clicked the shutter just as she began to smile. Gives her more of an air of mystery, no?

Coming Up: Rosenblatt, part 2

Playing for Peanuts, Episode 1.1

Recently, we’ve been in touch with John Fitzgerald, who created the documentary program Playing for Peanuts. He offered us episodes of the show, which focuses on the day-to-day grind of playing in the minors, and we jumped at the chance.

Here’s John’s description:

The show follows a year in the life of the South Georgia Peanuts. The Peanuts were an independent team based in Albany, GA in the now defunct South Coast League.

“Playing for Peanuts” was filmed alot like an independent film – it was financed with credit cards and our camera crew lived much like the players we were filming, surviving on fast food, cheap hotels and a shoestring budget. The show was seen on 9 regional sports networks in 9 cities and has been featured in The New York Times, New York Post and the Chicago Daily Herald.

Here’s episode 1.1, enjoy!


Episode 1.1 –


From the Bus Leagues to Center Field

Legendary sports blogger Texas Gal celebrated the first birthday of her Red-Sox centric blog Center Field a few days ago, and OMDQ and I decided we wanted to get her something special. Or, at least, something unique. So here it is:

OMDQ’s walk down memory lane, remembering Sox prospects past

Extra P’s dissection of the potential of the current top 10 Sox prospects

Happy, happy, Texy!

A Little Links Post to Invigorate the System

sirsidsweats.jpgFor those of you that happen to stumble across this site while it’s still somewhat dormant, don’t worry. We’ll be fully swinging on the Bus Leagues as soon as this pesky NCAA basketball tournament thins out a bit.

For now, we’ll at least share some of the links that have been pouring into our in-box this early spring, and sometime over the next couple of weeks we’ll give you a preview of what to expect from us this spring and summer.

Here’s some good reading in the meantime:

Guess who’s coming to dinner? Fat, sweaty, ineffective Sir Sidney, that’s who. []

Darren Rovell at CNBC is hosting a Minor League Logo contest. [Sports Biz]

MLB tells Cape Cod League to pay up or change some team names. [Bleacher Report]

A blogger compares his list of the best Minor League organizations to the list put out by Baseball Prospectus. [Pie on Sports]

This year’s Josh Hamilton redemption story may be a pitcher in the Marlins system. []

That’s just for starters. We’ll be back!