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Casper Gets All Ghosty


Apparently the Casper (WY) Rockies are so embarrassed by the parent club’s failure to win a World Series game that they are changing their name – from Rockies to Ghosts.

Kidding! The Rookie League affiliate of the Rocks is simply trying to generate more merchandise sales by adopting the familiar cartoon spectre as their new logo.

The Ghosts remain an affiliate of the big-league Rockies, but the team wanted the name change to create a unique identity for the team. Haughian said economics also played a role in the change.

“The Casper Rockies brand never really took off, unfortunately. If folks wanted to buy merchandise they were going to buy Colorado merchandise, not Casper,” Haughian said. “The appeal was limited to our die-hard fans in town. We think with the new name, the new look, the new logo, that it’s not only going to be popular here in Casper, but nationally and internationally.”

The Ghosts’ hats will be glow in the dark and are the first of their kind, according to the team.

[Jackson Hole Star Tribune]

The Casper ownership group wanted to call the team the Ghosts when it first moved to Wyoming in 2000, but the Rockies mandated that all affiliates use the Rockies name. Their previous home was Butte, Montana. I’m not going to check in to this, because I cherish my illusions, but I really, really hope they were called the Butte Holes.