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Playing for Peanuts, Episode 1.2

Here’s another fine installment of Playing for Peanuts, courtesy of John Fitzgerald.

Episode 1.2 –

Playing for Peanuts, Episode 1.1

Recently, we’ve been in touch with John Fitzgerald, who created the documentary program Playing for Peanuts. He offered us episodes of the show, which focuses on the day-to-day grind of playing in the minors, and we jumped at the chance.

Here’s John’s description:

The show follows a year in the life of the South Georgia Peanuts. The Peanuts were an independent team based in Albany, GA in the now defunct South Coast League.

“Playing for Peanuts” was filmed alot like an independent film – it was financed with credit cards and our camera crew lived much like the players we were filming, surviving on fast food, cheap hotels and a shoestring budget. The show was seen on 9 regional sports networks in 9 cities and has been featured in The New York Times, New York Post and the Chicago Daily Herald.

Here’s episode 1.1, enjoy!


Episode 1.1 –


Video: Dayton Dragons Brawl With Peoria Chiefs

It’s the winging of the baseball into the opposing team’s dugout that really makes this clip. Not that I condone such behavior. It just makes it stand out from your average baseball fight.

Hat Tip to Gheorghe: The Blog for being generally awesome, and for airing this video first.

Video: Travis Snider Wins AA HR Derby

As described by OMDQ, who was there.

Video: A Little Chatter from Samardzija

Candlesticks Make A Nice Gift

We somehow missed the 20th anniversary of Bull Durham’s release here at Bus Leagues (bad minor league baseball bloggers – BAD!) but never fear, for I have spent the past thirty minutes trolling around YouTube in search of a video clip that will make up for the fact that we are almost three weeks late to the party (hey, Costner is in Durham with his band later today; that makes this a relevant topic, no?)

And finally, I found one. 

Be careful with the volume, because the language gets a little salty at times, but it’s well worth it if you’re one of those people who has always wondered what they’re talking about during those little mid-inning get togethers on the mound.

Jay Bruce on Video

OMDQ and I have been talking a lot about Jay Bruce recently, because he has been anointed as the best Bus Leaguer around by a couple of influential publications. I thought I’d hit YouTube and find the Zapruder film on the guy before he blows up in Cincy next year.

First, here he is a couple of years ago in Dayton A ball. I admit I used this video just so you could get a look at the funky black wall in center, and the dragon-infested scoreboard.

And this one from the current season, in which he whacks a home run at AAA Louisville

What strikes me about the second video is the almost stiff upright posture of Bruce’s stance, which doesn’t appear to be very powerful until he flicks his wrists and begins to trot around the bases. Wow.

For more about Jay Bruce and the other top prospects for 2008, check out this top 25 list from our amigo Matthew Whipps at The Diamond Cutter.