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Viva Venezuela!

This is not officially minor-league baseball, but it probably fits the bus league mold. The video below shows Venezuelan fans supporting their team. Since quite a few major-league players come from Venezuela, it’s quite instructional to see the passion fans have for their local legends.

I lifted this video from a blog called Mop Up Duty, and the author seems to have some direct knowledge of the Venezuelan baseball scene. There are some great photos of the stadiums, a nice writeup of the league’s organization, and some mean-spirited jokes about Ugueth Urbina there, so I highly recommend it as a good read. I especially enjoy tidbits like this one:

Ballpark Fare

A Polar Ice (Venezuelan beer) with some arepas (balls of corn dough filled with meat or cheese – good grease) or fried plantain strips, parrilla (meat marinated and cooked on a charcoal grill)

[Mop Up Duty]

So, next time you find yourself in Caracas with nothing to do, hit the ballpark!