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Rymer Liriano Cannot Be Contained!

Usually, if something happens on a Sunday afternoon and I don’t get around to writing about it until the wee hours of Wednesday morning, it’s not worth mentioning at all.  In the case of the wonderfully named Rymer Liriano, however, it’s more than worth it; the delay is my fault.

Liriano, an eighteen-year-old outfielder for the Padres’ Rookie level affiliate in Arizona, played one of the best minor league baseball games of the season on Sunday, finishing 4-4 with three homeruns, six RBI, and six runs scored in a 19-8 win over the AZL Royals.  His at-bats went as follows:

1. (1st inning): Three-run homerun
2. (2nd inning): Two-run homerun
3. (4th inning): Single
4. (6th inning): Solo homerun
5. (8th inning): Hit by pitch
6. (9th inning): Walk

The key plate appearance was the final one, in the ninth inning. You’ll notice that Liriano had already hit a solo, two-run, and three-run homerun, leaving him a grand slam short of the cycle. As luck would have it, he came to bat for the final time with the bases full of Padres. That’s as far as luck went, however – the equally awesomely named Starling de la Rosa threw a wild pitch, allowing the runner on third to score and freeing up first base. (It doesn’t say that Liriano was walked intentionally, but come on – would YOU pitch to a guy who had already hit three homers?)

Still, it doesn’t get much better than the day Liriano had. He didn’t leave anybody on base and he scored every time he got on base himself. That’s a good day, folks.

(It must be noted that on Tuesday, the Royals exacted their revenge, coaxing an 0-4 and three strikeouts out of Liriano.)