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I’m an Observant Fellow, Obviously…


You may remember that Brian and I finished the season last year with a meet-up at the Baseball Hall of Fame. Brian had his former boss Tim Wiles take me on an insider’s tour of the archives, and I wrote two articles about the fascinating experience. A short one ran on ESPN: the Magazine’s website, and I sold a much longer one to Baseball America, which was a real thrill for me.

The only problem was, I had no idea when they were going to run it. For a couple of months, I drove down to Barnes and Noble every two weeks to sneak a peek at the new issue, and never saw it, so I started to forget about it, since I’d been paid on acceptance.

This morning, I got curious about it again, so I googled it. Apparently, they ran it online in October. Yeah, I was right on top of that. Still, a major thrill to see my name in there, and I thank Brian and Tim for making it happen. If you have time to read it, here the ol’ thing is.

[Baseball America]

Bus Leagues Haul Selves to Hall

I’m going to tell you an amazing story.

When OMDQ and I started writing this season, we also talked about meeting up sometime at the end of the minor league run. Brian suggested the Baseball Hall of Fame, which was swell with me, because I’ve never been.

The crazy part is… it’s actually happening. Two guys with families including young kids (and, in my case, a 77-year-old mother-in-law) are actually carving out a day to meet for the first time and tour the shrine of our chosen sport. Those kinds of plans almost never work, am I right?

I am currently sitting in the Best Western just south of town, but I did make a run in earlier and ran around the outside of the Hall taking photos. One is above. I doubt I’ll be able to photograph much inside, except for the tour of the Bart Giamatti Research Library that Brian arranged for us. That’s going to be sweet.

We’ll let you know more about how the trip goes tomorrow (or, more likely, several days from now when we’re back home). For now, if you have any memories of the HOF or things you want to make sure I see, leave them in the comments below.

–Extra P.