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Reliving the Summer of Baseball

Last summer I took my son to nearly every minor league ballpark in our home state of Virginia. I called it “The Summer of Baseball”, and published some of my photos on this blog. I ended up writing an article about it for Camperways magazine, which runs destination features for fans of RV travel. At the time we had seven teams active in the area.

Since then, the Atlanta Braves have announced that they will be moving their AAA affiliate from Richmond to the Atlanta suburbs, and the Rookie level Pulaski facility, which had its Blue Jays affiliation yanked before I could visit, is now back in the game as the lowest level of the Mariners organization.

The article was published tabloid-style, so I had trouble scanning single pages – hope you can stand to read the giant .jpgs I made instead.




I love going to games, and I love to write about it, but I don’t know jack about making readable internet files.

Photos: Bryce Cox Field, Bristol, VA. 7/22/07

The Empty Ballpark Blues.  Thanks to a friendly groundskeeper, these photos were taken while the White Sox Rookie affiliate Bristol Sox were on the road.  Even without the players in action, there’s just something cool about a community field.  This one is a stone’s throw away from the Tennessee border, in the far southwestern corner of Virginia.


Inside the home dugout; VFW Bingo; View from the dugout


box seats; field-level access; 27 K’s in Bristol

It’s unfortunate to think that all of the bus leagues parks are going to be this empty soon.  But it’s nice to know that they’ll be there waiting for the next season to start.