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Now Batting For The San Francisco Giants…

Actually, “Now Batting For” might not be the best description for Buster Posey’s next few weeks with the Giants.  “Now Coming In As A Defensive Replacement And Occasionally Starting If Bengie Molina Can’t Play” is probably a more apt, though much wordier, option.

Posey was called up on Wednesday, capping off a remarkable season that started in the Class A Advanced California League and saw a promotion to Triple-A Fresno.  The 22-year-old catcher out of Florida State hit .325 with 18 homeruns and 80 RBI in 115 games between those two stops.

Chances are that Posey won’t get a lot of starts – the team didn’t even want to bring him up this season; Bengie Molina is still the top dog behind the plate, although he’s fighting an injury right now – but this will give him a chance to see the game from a major league dugout, which is important, I think.  Kinda like a young quarterback watching from the sidelines until he gets his bearings.

Giants fans are happy about the fact that Buster is coming to town.  And they’re doing a great job of keeping their expectations reasonable:

So welcome, Buster (nickname: Bustery Poseyey). No pressure. Just rescue the Giants’ offense while you’re up. Oh, and teach the rest of the team how to work the count. Also, dispel the myth that rookie catchers cause entire pitching staffs to implode. Also, I’d like a glass of iced tea.

That really doesn’t seem like too much to ask.

Vote For The USA Today Minor League Player Of The Year

I was looking through the Bus Leagues archives (because there’s no better way to spend a Saturday morning) and saw that last year around this time, Eric directed us to the online voting for USA Today’s Minor League Player of the Year award (Tampa Bay’s David Price eventually won).

The newspaper has already named its finalists for the 2009 season and the polls are open.

Madison Bumgarner, LHP, San Jose Giants/Connecticut Defenders – 12-2, 1.81 ERA, 23 G/22 GS, 91 SO, 123.1 IP, .214 BAA

Brian Matusz, LHP, Frederick Keys/Bowie Baysox – 11-2, 1.91 ERA, 19 GS, 121 SO, 113 IP, .211 BAA

Jason Heyward, OF, Myrtle Beach Pelicans/Mississippi Braves – .314 BA, 17 HR, 58 RBI, 47 BB, 47 SO, .399/.557/.956

Buster Posey, C, San Jose Giants/Fresno Grizzlies – .318 BA, 18 HR, 77 RBI, 62 BB, 66 SO, .413/.529/.942

Carlos Santana, C, Akron Aeros – .285 BA, 21 HR, 89 RBI, 84 BB, 78 SO, .410/.523/.933

Not sure how much I agree with these selections.  If I have the time, maybe I’ll do my own ballot.  For position players, they seem to put a premium on guys who produce in Class AA and AAA while keeping their strikeout totals down (Heyward and Posey both did time in Class A Advanced this season but have also accumulated significant playing time in AA and AAA, respectively).  That might explain why Chris Carter gets no love despite hitting .333 with 24 homeruns and 105 RBI in Double- and Triple-A.

Bumgarner and Matusz have the numbers to be on the list.  I’m just put off by the fact that Matusz made it despite not having pitched in the minor leagues since August 1.  Bumgarner wasn’t great when I saw him in Manchester, but he has put up exceptional numbers for two straight seasons (27-5, 1.63 ERA, 255 SO, 54 BB, 265 IP) at three different levels.  His strikeouts are way down this year and his walks are up, but it’s not like San Francisco needs him to be The Man; if he can produce enough to be the number three starter behind Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain, that’s a win in my book.

For the record, Bumgarner got my vote among the players listed and currently leads 38%-27% over Heyward after about 3600 votes.

Stephen Strasburg Was Officially The Best College Player In 2009

Earlier today, Stephen Strasburg was presented with the 2009 Golden Spikes Award “as the nation’s premier amateur player.”  In other news, the sun rose in the East.

The other four finalists were Dustin Ackley, Mike Leake, Kent Matthes, and A.J. Morris.  Strasburg (1), Ackley (2) and Leake (8) were all Top Ten picks in June’s First Year Player Draft.  Last year’s winner, Buster Posey, was drafted by the Giants in 2008 and just earned a promotion from A-Advanced San Jose to AAA Fresno.

Previous winners of the award are listed below.  More information can be found here.

2008: Buster Posey
2007: David Price
2006: Tim Lincecum
2005: Alex Gordon
2004: Jered Weaver
2003: Rickie Weeks
2002: Khalil Greene
2001: Mark Prior
2000: Kip Bouknight
1999: Jason Jennings
1998: Pat Burrell
1997: J.D. Drew
1996: Travis Lee
1995: Mark Kotsay
1994: Jason Varitek
1993: Darren Dreifort
1992: Phil Nevin
1991: Mike Kelly
1990: Alex Fernandez
1989: Ben McDonald
1988: Robin Ventura
1987: Jim Abbott
1986: Mike Loynd
1985: Will Clark
1984: Oddibe McDowell
1983: Dave Magadan
1982: Augie Schmidt
1981: Mike Fuentes
1980: Terry Francona
1979: Tim Wallach
1978: Bob Horner

No Hall of Famers there (with the asterisked exception of Francona, who may well make it as a manager one day), but you could put together a solid lineup from that group. Who knows, maybe I will tomorrow.