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He Was There: Friend of the Blog Sees Jay Bruce’s Debut in Cincy

Jay Bruce courtesy of Diamond Hoggers

Wow, quite a week for our friend NaturalMevs over at Diamond Hoggers. First he wins the Jay Bruce nickname contest, then he gets to see The Deal’s first official at-bat as a major leaguer. Since we’re in full-on worship mode, we’d be remiss if we didn’t direct you to this excellent recounting of the big event:

The last thing in the world I ever expected to see was Bruce, before the biggest game of his life; signing one autograph after the other. But it just goes to show that is what this guy is. There’s no Hollywood involved with ‘The Deal’. He is a down to earth country boy who can simply hit a baseball much better than you or I. That is all.

[Diamond Hoggers]

That’s just an excerpt. I highly recommend reading the entire post, as it includes candid photos and video of The Deal. Sounds like he had a pretty darn good debut, walking twice in addition to two singles and a double, ending up with 2 runs, 2 RBIs, and a stolen base.

That’s right, the kid is literally batting 1.000 right now. Good times.

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