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The Iron Pigs have Lost their Dog

This was an unusual news item, but if you live in the Allentown, PA area, you might run across Champ roaming your neighborhood or locked up at your local shelter. Here’s the description from the Iron Pigs:



Champ (see photo above), a 4-year-old Shepherd Mix and a member of the IronPigs front office, got loose on Friday night following the IronPigs-Yankees game at Coca-Cola Park and is currently missing. Champ is mostly brown with some black on his back and is wearing a purple collar. He is a medium to large-sized dog weighing roughly 50 to 75 pounds. He answers to the name, Champ.

If found, please call (610) 554-0474.

*** The IronPigs are offering a reward for anyone that finds Champ. ***

The IronPigs Front Office Thanks You For Your Help In Finding Our Lost Dog.