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Rock Rogers in the 21st Century

Tony Mansolinio is a utility outfielder for the Lynchburg Hillcats (Pirates). Being a utility guy in A Ball probably doesn’t signal a really bright future, but fortunately, Tony has some other talents he’s decided to share with the world. Through his own publishing imprint, Play Ball Publishing, Mansolino has published his first children’s book, titled “Dreams Will Come, Dreams Will Go”.

Following the “write what you know” dictum offered to first-time writers, Mansolino’s book follows career minor-leaguer Rock Rogers (who, honestly, probably has a shot at a porn career, too). He made good use of his Bus Leagues travel time, too:

“Dreams Will Come, Dreams Will Go” was written during the 2007 season while on long bus rides and in cramped clubhouses. The story is about a fictitious player named Rock Rogers who finally breaks through and makes it to the Majors after a long Minor League career. Over the course of the story, the reader is given an insider’s perspective of a Minor League season.


The book may be a bit of wish-fulfillment, since Rock Rogers ends up in the bigs at the end of the story.

Kudos to Mansolino for breaking from the stereotype of the dumb jock. But we’d expect nothing less from a Vanderbilt man.