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Slight Tweaks to Olympic Roster

A couple weeks back, we announced our take on the 2008 Olympic Baseball roster. Since then, a few things have changed.

Colby Rasmus has withdrawn due to injury.

Geno Espineli was called up to San Francisco

Clayton Richard was called up to the White Sox

First guy on the list is probably extremely bummed. The other two are probably mostly ecstatic.

Anyway, on to the replacements.

Taking their place, including the 24th man left off the initial announcement, are second baseman Jayson Nix (Colorado Rockies organization), pitchers Jeremy Cummings (Tampa Bay Rays), Brian Duensing (Minnesota) and outfielder Nate Schierholtz (San Francisco Giants). Nix is the 24th man.

[NBC Olympics]

The article also points out that the dual call-up severely depleted the team’s supply of left-handed hurlers.

I recognize Schierholtz’s name from the Futures Game. The others I’ll have to learn more about. Congrats to the new additions, and to the callups. Colby… there’s always next year man. Keep ya head up.