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You Nicknamed “The Deal”, Can You Handle a Whole Team?

Big doings in the South Atlantic League. The Columbus Catfish (Rays), who won the league in 2007, are on the move. By 2009, they will call Bowling Green, Kentucky home. This is quite a blow to an area that claims uninterrupted pro baseball since the Civil War.

Bowling Green Professional Baseball, the Kentucky-based organization that will run the team after the move, has just broken ground on the swanky new digs that will host the Catfish in 2009, so things seem to be moving right along. One small problem, however. They don’t like the name. Or, they like the name just fine, but want to generate some excitement and a sense of ownership in the local populace. Either way, they’re hosting a contest.

Name the 2009 Bowling Green single-A team

If you do participate, hopefully you’ll give it some thought. The last thing a new team needs is a lot of internet carpetbaggers inundating them with requests to name the team the Bowling Green Spidermans or some such nonsense. Though that would be kind of funny, now that I think about it.

One note – Bowling Green is the home of Western Kentucky University and their wonderfully amorphous mascot, Big Red. Whatever nickname the team goes with, the wacky suit it inspires is going to have to be good enough to share a town with the big guy.

Spotlight on AA Ball – 4/9/08

Your AA News:

Remember how the Mets traded away several prospects to get Johan Santana in their starting rotation? Meet Fernando Martinez, the guy they kept. He’s 19 years old and already in AA with the Binghamton Mets, and he’s still the #1 prospect for the Mets. []

For Art Solomon, owning the AA New Hampshire Fisher Cats (Blue Jays) was not enough. He just reached into Georgia and bought the Columbus Catfish (Rays) as well. I only have one piece of advice for Mr. Solomon – keep your mascots far, far away from one another. It could be a tragedy in the making. [Columbus Catfish]

Royals owner David Glass has always taken heat for not living close enough to Kansas City. At least now he can claim to be keeping an eye on the club’s future, as the Wal-Mart exec’s office in Bentonville is just a few miles from the KC-affiliated AA Northwest Arkansas Naturals home in Springdale, AR. []

If I may toot my own horn, I managed to work AA-ball into an article I wrote for ESPN: the Magazine’s website. I suggested that fans in San Antonio for the basketball try to fit in a baseball game between sessions. []

In an attempt to make the game more homey, the Portland Sea Dogs have gone so far as to paint the women’s restrooms. Goin’ whole hog! [OurSports Central]

That’s all I have time for today. Check back for the first real Zimmerman-o-meter on Thursday, and AAA news on Friday.