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Rinku And Dinesh, Immortalized In Cardboard And Chrome

Rinku Singh and Dinesh Patel are kickin’ some boo-tay for the GCL Pirates in this, their debut season – Dinesh has a 1.42 ERA and no walks in six games, Rinku has only allowed one earned run since returning from a nineteen day layoff on August 13.  And now, the ultimate in awesome: they have their own baseball cards:

rinku and dinesh baseball cardsNow I know what I want for my birthday.

Congratulations Rinku!

Rinku Singh, the first Indian player in professional baseball history (he beat his teammate, Dinesh Patel, by an inning on July 4), picked up another first today when he won his first career game.  He faced one batter and struck him out in the GCL Pirates 10-5 win over the GCL Tigers.

The 20-year-old Singh (who I just noticed was born on 8/8/88) has appeared in four games, walking two, striking out three, and allowing four runs on five hits in three innings.  Patel, also twenty, has allowed one hit in 2.1 innings in two games.

The Minor Links

Jamie McOwen has the night off and I just added a few new minor league blogs to my reader, so you get a short links post.  Don’t everybody thank me at once.

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Alex Liddi wants to be the first Italian major leaguer since 1962.  He’s currently leading the California League in all three Triple Crown categories – seems like a good start (

Rinku And Dinesh Are Officially Bus Leaguers

The moment Andrew told you about on Wednesday has arrived, ladies and gents: Rinku Singh and Dinesh Patel are officially professional baseball players.

Technically, I guess they’ve been pros since they signed contracts with Pittsburgh, but now they can say that they have actually played in a game.

After their planned debuts were rained out for several days in a row, Rinku and Dinesh saw action for the first time on Saturday, pitching the seventh and eighth innings, respectively, for the GCL Pirates in a loss to the GCL Yankees.  Rinku allowed one run on two hits with one strikeout; Dinesh’s frame was spotless, requiring nine pitches, seven of them strikes.  Both featured a fastball that peaked around 83-84 miles per hour.

I have a feeling we’ll be keeping an eye on Rinku and Dinesh in the future, if only to see how far they end up going.  (Really, is there anyone out there who thinks the Pirates shouldn’t call them up when rosters expand in September, and pitch them once or twice down the stretch?  No harm in it, especially if Pittsburgh has nothing to play for.)