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Disco Hayes Is Our Kind Of Guy

Truth be told, I’m a little angry about this whole Disco Hayes phenomenon that’s been sweeping the nation.  Not because of anything personal toward ol’ Disco – I think the problem is that I’m jealous that we didn’t discover him first.

I wish we’d discovered him first because Disco Hayes is our type of player.  He throws a fastball that spends most of its time in the high-70s and is probably better suited to the front office than the pitcher’s mound.  He’s a sidearmer.  And he possesses a preternatural ability to believe himself, no matter the odds:

They call Chris Hayes “Disco” because he throws in the 70s. Isn’t that beautiful? Everything about Disco Hayes is like that — funny and self-deprecating but also oddly confident. Disco Hayes believes he will get out big-league hitters. He doesn’t believe that he can get them out. He believes he will. And no one yet has shaken that belief.

Oh, Disco is a smart guy — a Northwestern grad with a computer science degree. He understands why people may think that an undrafted pitcher who throws sidearm fastballs at 78 mph isn’t a big-league prospect. He sympathizes with those people. Hey, if Disco didn’t know better, he might think the same thing. But he does know better.

“I can’t really explain it,” he says, and while he’s talking, he and his wife, Tracy, hold hands. “I’ve just always believed in my ability to pitch.”

“We know we’re going to have a long career in the big leagues,” Tracy says.

So yeah – if you ever find yourself wondering what a “Bus Leagues” type of player is, look no further than Disco Hayes.