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Steak Grows on Dmitri

This story is the perfect storm. It involves the insanely entertaining Dmitri Young, a short stint in the Bus Leagues with the Harrisburg Senators (Nationals), and Washington Post Bogger Dan Steinberg.

If you’re not familiar with Mr. Steinberg, he has one of the best jobs a writer can get – he gets the legitimacy of the Washington Post mixed with the free-form quest for entertaining subject matter that defines blogging. And, he’s a damn nice guy.

Dan says our favorite rotund one spent a little bit of time in double-A recently, and made headlines for ordering $3,000 worth of food in three days. Now, the immediate reaction is “damn, I didn’t think even Dmitri could eat that much that quickly”. But the reality is, Da Meat Hook was spreading his major-league salary around, buying food for everyone in the clubhouse, right down to the bat boys.

Dan gives us the rundown:

Dmitri nightly ordered enough to feed not only the players but also the trainer, the clubhouse staff, the coaching staff, the strength guy, and presumably the mascot and peanut salesmen as well. “We’re talking quite a bit of food,” Watson said.

And most importantly, the menu? If you were a finger-nail painting, three-bills-pushing, fan-favorite Major Leaguer spending three nights in central PA, where would your meals be coming from?

Night One: Outback Steakhouse

Night Two: Carrabba’s Italian Grill

Night Three: The Texas Roadhouse (home of “large portions and great value to give you Legendary Food at a reasonable price,” which counts when you’re ordering for 35.)

Yeah, the menu included rib-eye steak, if you were wondering.

[DC Sports Bog]

I’m heading up to D.C. on Sunday to catch an afternoon Brewers-Nationals game with Marco from STF, who used to be an intern with the Senators. I’ll be sure to reserve a few special cheers for Dmitri. I might even eat a third bratwurst in his honor.

He may be crazy, but he’s also awesome.