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The Coolbaugh Story Continues

You may remember that the Colorado Rockies’ run to the World Series last year was marked by tragedy. Minor-league first base coach Mike Coolbaugh was struck and killed by a line drive while working a game with the AA Tulsa Drillers. Baseball fans were touched by the parent club’s decision to award a full playoff share to the Coolbaugh family.

Not even a year later, Mike’s brother Scott stood in the exact same place where his brother’s life ended. Not out of curiousity, or as a tribute, but because it’s his job. Scott Coolbaugh is, like his brother, a first base coach; not with the Drillers, but with their rivals the Frisco Rough Riders. His team traveled to the Arkansas Travelers’ stadium on Sunday, bringing up some difficult memories.

I had to go through it a little bit last year after I took off about a week and came back it was the same kinda thing,” (Scott Coolbaugh) said. “It is going to going to take time, but at the same time I know I have a job to do. He would want me to do the job right and not worry about it. But the thoughts are definitely in the back of my mind, knowing this is the ballpark where it happened in and stuff like that. There is no question about it, it brings back some nightmares.

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Mike Coolbaugh’s death caused many base coaches to adopt the practice of wearing batting helmets during games. Glenallen Hill at the parent club drew praise for choosing safety over image following the incident last year. We here at Bus Leagues hope a few more coaches decide they don’t mind a little mussed hair, as long as they get to drive home to their families every night.