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Helena Brewers Bobblehead Giveaway MIA

The Helena Brewers were to have a giveaway of 250 Ryan Braun bobbleheads on August 1, 2008.  With this small an amount their value should skyrocket.  But did their fans actually see any of these bobbleheads this past Friday?  The answer is no.

As you know, I am the promo guy on here that keeps up with the hobby as far as dates and actual ids of bobbles being given and there is a major scoop here.  I usually like to call teams to see if there are perhaps any extras of a giveaway that they can either sell or send me.  Usually teams aren’t allowed to sell an item because it is deemed as a giveaway item so some teams just send the bobble and all I pay for is shipping charges.  Well when I called the Brewers today to inquire about possibly getting one, their GM Paul Fetz had told me that there had been a problem that the bobbles got “stuck in customs”.

Here’s where the plot thickens.  While doing an Ebay search I found 2 Helena Brewers bobbleheads for sale with no picture of the bobble, just a team logo, with the description reading “These are the same bobble that was given out Friday 8/1/08.    To top it off, the seller was in California, nowhere near Helena, Montana. 

Doesn’t it seem strange that the bobbles were never given to their fans, yet one individual, who isn’t even located in Montana would have these available to Ebay?  As we speak one is at over $60 dollars with just 8 hours to go and has a fair amount of bids on it.  The other he posts as “Buy it Now” for $89.95.  Maybe this individual knows someone in customs or better yet works on the docks himself to gain personal profits by stealing from teams.

If the seller would like a chance to explain this mystery, our email address is Feel free to contact us.

I as a member of Bus Leagues am proud to be on the case to provide our readers with the most accurate bobblehead/figurine information and feel great sorrow for fans in a small town like Helena, MT who get the rare occasion to collect something as rare as a bobblehead of one of their own heroes making it big to MLB and can’t do so because of incidents like this one.