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The Long Awaited Media Homerun Derby Video

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At last week’s Media Homerun Derby, my wife was in charge of getting some video of Team Bus Leagues in action.  (In the first email he sent after I informed him that I was in, Eric ordered us to get video documentation.  He used all caps when making the demand, so I knew he meant business.) 

What you are about to see isn’t the greatest quality – my wife was sitting in the shade and decided not to venture out into the sun-splashed seats closer to the field – but it’s enough.  You can still witness my painful-looking swing (it’s kinda obvious I hadn’t swung a bat in awhile), my Prince Fielder-like girth (I think that’s partially why the swing looked so awkward), and the crowd reaction to my one big hit of the day (my mother-in-law was more excited about the fact that Jamie Staton high-fived me than anything else).  Also, there’s a sort of bonus feature included: live audio commentary from my father-in-law.  My favorite part is when I get five pitches deep in the finals without doing much and he chuckles and says, “Just don’t choke.”

Hometown Huffman Wins AAA Homerun Derby

The AAA All-Star Homerun Derby was held last night at Portland’s PGE Park, with a total of eight participants – three from the Pacific Coast League, three from the International League, and two local high school kids who had been given the opportunity to take part.

Portland’s Chad Huffman hit seven in the first round, three in the second, and five in the finals to beat Scranton/Wilkes-Barre’s Shelley Duncan, who went 5-4-1.  Kevin Taylor, one of the two high school participants, advanced to the second round after hitting eight homers in the first round (with an aluminum bat), including one that traveled 432 feet.

My favorite part of the recap on was the description of Huffman’s first round.  Apparently his pitcher was wild, almost hitting him a few times before being replaced.

Huffman turned in the best pro performance of the first round with seven longballs, despite a few brushback pitches from his pitcher, which prompted Round Rock’s Yorman Bazardo to rile the crowd by running a batting helmet out to home plate. Pacific Coast League skipper Randy Ready followed with a pitching change, which seemed to help Huffman, who responded with his longest blast of the round, a 389-foot shot off a bus parked outside the stadium in left field. As it turned out, Huffman’s original pitcher ended up in the trainer’s room with a torn labrum.

They didn’t mention his pitcher by name.  I’m curious who it was who was throwing to him.

The AAA All-Star Game will be held tomorrow, Wednesday, July 15.  It can be seen on ESPN2 at 10 PM EST.

Video: Travis Snider Wins AA HR Derby

As described by OMDQ, who was there.