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Lucky Thirteen

Heading into the bottom of the eighth inning last night, High Desert held a 6-4 lead over Inland Empire.  The plan for the Mavericks was simple: get through their turn at bat, get three outs in the ninth, and head into the weekend with a three game division lead.

I guess when you get right down to it, that’s what they did.  Only, instead of simply, “getting through their turn at bat,” they decided to, “score thirteen times and put the game out of reach.”  To each his own.

The inning got off to a tough start for the 66ers when catcher Alex Garabedian struck out to end the top half and ended up being ejected.  Then, the Mavericks jumped all over new pitcher Marcel Prado – all five batters he faced reached base:

–Leury Bonilla singled to right
–Juan Diaz singled to right
–Tyson Gillies singled to shortstop after the ball was deflected by Prado
–Jeffrey Dominguez reached on force attempt and throwing error by Prado, with Diaz scoring
–Jamie McOwen singled to center, scoring Tyson Gillies

And that was all she wrote for Prado: four singles, a throwing error, two runs already in, two men in scoring position. Miguel Sanfler was brought in to stop the bleeding…

–Carlos Peguero walked
–Alex Liddi singled right, scoring Dominguez
–Joseph Dunigan struck out swinging for the first out
–With Travis Scott batting, Sanfler threw a wild pitch, allowing McOwen to score and closing the book on Prado
–With Travis Scott batting, Sanfler threw a wild pitch, allowing Peguero to score
–Travis Scott homered to right, scoring Liddi

(Side note: I understand that when a pitcher wild pitches in a run, the batter doesn’t get credit for an RBI, and he shouldn’t…except in a situation like this, where the batter eventually homers. In that case, go ahead and give him the ribbies that would have been rightfully his.)

At this point, High Desert has batted around.

–Leury Bonilla doubled to center
–Juan Diaz singled to right
–Tyson Gillies singled to center, scoring Bonilla

All three of these guys had two hits in the inning.

–Jeffrey Dominguez singled to left
–Jamie McOwen grounded into a force out, with Diaz out at home
–Carlos Peguero hit a grand slam to left, scoring Gillies, Domiguez, and McOwen

At this point, with the score 19-4, the 66ers waved the white flag, putting second baseman Justin Fuller on the mound and bringing Elian Herrera in to take his place. And Fuller made it look easy, getting Alex Liddi to fly out to center to end the inning.

Final tally for the bottom of the eighth: thirteen runs, eleven hits, a double, two homeruns, two wild pitches, and an infielder masquerading as a pitcher.

Inland Empire went 1-2-3 in the ninth to end it.