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Spotlight on AAA Ball – 4/17/2008

The International League is celebrating 125 years of baseball this season. The 2008 class of the IL Hall of Fame will be the first to receive a statuette called “Curtain Call”, meant to honor the contributions made by HOF-worthy players. I think it’s kind of cool – like the baseball version of an Oscar. []

Hey, Look! Jeff Weaver’s back! And he’s going to be a Nashville Sound (Brewers)! I don’t know if you remember the guy who tried to sell Weaver on ebay. I am not shitting you when I say that guy was in my fantasy baseball league at work. Oh, how we laughed. Weaver Returns [] Weaver sold on eBay [SmartMarks]

As we track prospects, we hear a lot about the Louisville Bats (Reds), with their dynamic duo of Jay Bruce and Homer Bailey lighting up the minors and waiting for their turn in the bigs. Those guys are interesting enough, but I also like to hear about the strivers who hang on for years and do anything to keep playing. Here’s one such story, about a Kentucky native who left the U.S. to play ball in Japan, and now he’s back home. [Louisville Courier-Journal]

Take in a Columbus Clippers (Nationals) game on April 25th, and you’ll get a free baby tree in celebration of Arbor Day. That’s pretty cool. []

Things might not ever be like they used to be in New Orleans, but this photo spread from the N.O. Zephyrs definitely gives a ray of hope that there are still good times to be had in the Big Easy [Zephyrs Photo Gallery]

That’ll close out another week of updates from around the minors. We’ll be back with A-ball on Monday.