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You Nicknamed “The Deal”, Can You Handle a Whole Team?

Big doings in the South Atlantic League. The Columbus Catfish (Rays), who won the league in 2007, are on the move. By 2009, they will call Bowling Green, Kentucky home. This is quite a blow to an area that claims uninterrupted pro baseball since the Civil War.

Bowling Green Professional Baseball, the Kentucky-based organization that will run the team after the move, has just broken ground on the swanky new digs that will host the Catfish in 2009, so things seem to be moving right along. One small problem, however. They don’t like the name. Or, they like the name just fine, but want to generate some excitement and a sense of ownership in the local populace. Either way, they’re hosting a contest.

Name the 2009 Bowling Green single-A team

If you do participate, hopefully you’ll give it some thought. The last thing a new team needs is a lot of internet carpetbaggers inundating them with requests to name the team the Bowling Green Spidermans or some such nonsense. Though that would be kind of funny, now that I think about it.

One note – Bowling Green is the home of Western Kentucky University and their wonderfully amorphous mascot, Big Red. Whatever nickname the team goes with, the wacky suit it inspires is going to have to be good enough to share a town with the big guy.

Let’s Settle This Like Geeks

This nickname thing is harder than it looks. Everyone I asked liked a different name best. I did, however, manage to narrow the list down to five top vote-getters that appeared on multiple ballots, so I’m going to turn it over to you all to settle things with a good old fashioned polling.

Vote on Jay Bruce’s Nickname here

Just so’s you know how we narrowed things down, here is the saga of how I tried to gain consensus:

I asked friend of the blog Jay Busbee to weigh in on the nicknames, seeing as how he shares a first name and last initial with Mr. Bruce. Senor Busbee is currently in the midst of authoring a book about the Atlanta Braves, and blogs about racin’ over at Yahoo. Here are his top three choices as well as some free one-liners about the also-rans.

#1. The Deal—You know what? I dig this one best. It’s one of those new nicknames that’s not a pun, not directly connected to anything specific, and yet instantly memorable.

#2 Poppin’ Jay—Goofy enough to stick.

#3 Jay Jay the Jet Plane—The cross-marketing possibilities are endless.

Jay Bruise—I’d shorten this one to just “The Bruise”

The Beaumont Bruiser—Sounds like a state-fair wrestler.

Jay “The Bruce” – tribute to the movie Braveheart. Just saw that flick last night, but nobody’s gonna get this one.

The Spruce Bruce—Save this one for when he’s 40 and 280lbs.

Bruce Stool (because the Reds nation wishes to sit their future upon him – whatevs)—Sounds proctological

The Texas Tornado—See “Beaumont Bruiser” above

The Boss, apparently supported by Baseball America—Well, they blew up Riverfront in Cincy last night, now they blew up the roster too…

Jay “Don’t Bring Me Down” Bruce (an amateur Bermanism)—So bad it’s good

Jay-B—No. I own the copyright on this one.

Earl—Needs a “karma” list for all the pitchers he dusts.

The Cincinnati Bowtie—Sounds like a maneuver someone would try when his girlfriend was really drunk.

The Hammer—Hank Aaron might have something to say about that.

I also checked in with Will Brinson, who writes for Fanhouse and The Sporting Blog. Here’s his list:

Sweet list. My choices are:

1. Mighty Moose — I don’t even know if it makes sense or if it works, but if Bruce doesn’t get it, I’m stealing it. I heart Mighty Mouse and I’m a fan of moose(es? meeses?) as well. Just a superb nickname.

2. Jay-B — It seems obvious but somehow it’s not. I love any and all rap references.

3. (On that note…my write in vote) the Jibba. It’s like Jay-B, but more slangy. I can’t tell if it sounds cool enough though.

4. Bruce Almighty — I have a feeling this will end up sticking regardless of who actually wants it. (/shakes fist at Berman)

I love “The Jibba”. Too bad judges can’t enter the contest. My choices are as follows:

1. The Show – This one could really backfire if he blows chunks in the majors, but it’s still a cool nickname.

2. Poppin’ Jay – I know this one is a play on words, but I actually like it. It breaks the stale pattern baseball nicknames have been in recently. It rolls off the tongue.

3. The Deal – Not bad, but hard to imagine people shouting it, or announcers using it as he strides to the plate. But I like the spirit of it.

4 (honorable mention). Bam Bam – This one came in after I had sent the list off to the other judges, but I liked it a lot. I ranked it a bit lower because I haven’t been overwhelmed by Bruce’s hammer as much as his overall game: the steals, the walks, all of it.

After those votes, I had a deadlock – both The Deal and Poppin’ Jay had four points. So I turned to Sooze from Babes Love Baseball. She picked… a whole bunch of others.

1. beaumont bruiser
2. the boss
3. the cincinnati bowtie

I thought Beaumont Bruiser might make my own list, and thus win, but then I realized my colleague OMDQ suggested it. He can’t win his own prize. So anyway, go vote at the link above, and we’ll settle this and mail that book out.

Meet Jay Bruce, Give Him a Nickname, Win a Book

If there’s one thing I know about our readership, it is that you-all are very, very curious about Jay Bruce. As central HQ for Jay Bruce worship on the web, we’ve decided to help you out. This feature will tell you everything we can glean from the vast wine-dark seas of Internetia, so we can all anticipate what the pundits will be talking about when Jay is inevitably called up within the next week or two.

Name: Jay Bruce

Hometown: Beaumont, TX

Birthdate: April 3, 1987

High School: West Brook High (2nd team HS All-American)

Parent Club: Cincinnati Reds

Position: Outfielder

Uniform Number: 32

Draft: Jay was the 12th pick in the 2005 First-year player draft. He was in good company, as that draft also netted current MLB stars Justin Upton, Troy Tulowitzki, and Ryans Braun and Zimmerman. He signed his minor-league contract on December 5th of that same year, but managed to get in 54 games of Rookie ball, split between the Gulf Coast League Reds and the Billings Mustangs.

2006 brought the first full season of Minor League action for Bruce, as he logged 117 games with the Dayton Dragons, considered to be one of the top minor-league ventures in the nation. The then-nineteen-year-old put up strong stats, batting .291, plating 69 runs and 80 RBIS, and swiping 19 bags. He flashed a little bit of power, belting 16 round-trippers and legging out 42 doubles.

That performance landed him in A+, to start 2007 with the Sarasota Reds of the Florida State League. In 67 games there, he hit .325 with a balanced 49 runs and RBIs, and thus began what we like to call “The Great Leap Forward”. Bruce nabbed a cup of coffee with the AA Chattanooga Lookouts (a mere 16 games) before trotting on up to Lousville and the triple-A (almost) big time, courtesy of his stellar 1057 OPS.

Lousiville has been Bruce’s home since then, despite a spring training look-see that left nobody doubting that the kid could play in the bigs. But thanks to that silly money-grubbing salary arbitration dance, he sits in Louisville until the equation tilts in his (and the fan’s) favor. He is currently hitting .352 with seven homers and an equal number of stolen bases. His OPS is 991.

Now for the trickiest question we get. “When will Jay Bruce be called up?”. Obviously, we don’t know. The parent club is in the NL Central cellar with a .452 win percentage. It’s still early, and they’re only 6.5 games out of first right now. The Reds’ outfield is full of players who are old, ineffective, or sometimes manage to be both. There have been Ken Griffey, Jr. trade rumors, and some would happily see Cory Patterson and his .235 average swap places with Bruce outright. One thing’s for sure. If Bruce has to spend another whole year in the minors, we might as well remove the rocks from Dusty Baker’s head and insert a nice flower arrangement to pretty the place up.

With all of that said, there’s just one more order of business to take care of before we send our boy off to The Show. He needs a good nickname. Simply having two first names is not enough. We’d love to hear your suggestions in the comment field. We’ll form a panel of me, OMDQ, and a couple of our baseball-loving blogger friends, and choose the best one. The best nicknamer will win a copy of the Baseball Field Guide, which I reviewed recently. It’s a great in-depth illustrated guide to the complete rules of the game from Da Capo Press.

Fire away!