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Collin Cowgill Is A Beast

A few days ago, I wrote a brief post about Collin Cowgill, outfielder for Arizona’s Low A affiliate in Yakima, who started his professional career by slugging homeruns at a pretty impressive pace: six in the Bears’ first eleven games.  At the time, I jokingly suggested that Cowgill’s early productivity should earn him a spot on the Diamondback’s major league roster.

This was before I realized that Cowgill is an absolute BEAST with a 33-inch piece of ash in his hands (I don’t know if he uses ash or maple, but I’ve always thought that ash sounds better; I think of maples, I think of the trees with the pretty leaves that changed colors in my back yard when I was a kid.  Ash trees didn’t have time for silly little things like “leaves”).

Wednesday night, Cowgill went 4-6 with four runs scored and five batted in, but that’s not the best part: he also hit three homeruns, bringing his season total to an unbelievable ten in fifteen games.  For a little perspective on that, consider this: three players are currently tied for second place with three homeruns for the entire season.  Cowgill has one more homer than the three guys behind him combined.

Last season’s leader, Ian Gac (GAC!), had 17 roundtrippers in 70 games; in 2005, Freddie Thon and Luis Valbuena tied for the lead with 12.  Twelve!  My man Collin (with two L’s) should top that by Monday.

If the slightly built righty (5’9″, 195 lbs, and he throws lefty, which is just weird) continues jacking longballs at this pace, he also has a chance at the all-time short-season record of 25, set by William Darkis way back in 1980.  That is a lot of homeruns in not a lot of games.  Cowgill is currently on pace for 50 (and I’m not even rounding up – it’s actually 50.667)! 

And after that, he’s goin’ to South Bend (Silver Hawks), and then he’s goin’ to Visalia (Oaks – say hi to Crash Davis), and Mobile (BayBears), and Tucson (Sidewinders – I hate snakes, Jacques, I hate ’em), and Arizona (Diamondbacks), heeeeeeeeyaaaaaaaaah! (/pointless and confusing Howard Dean reference)