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The Great Baseball Road Trip – Extra P in your seat.

I’m not going to rehash the story Brian has already told so well. I’m just going to add in the photos I took, along with some captions, since I was only there for the Baltimore portion of the trip.


Camden as viewed from OMDQ’s seats. The seat I actually paid for would be right in front of the railing all the way to the left. This marks the first time I’ve ever been forcibly moved to a better seat in a ballpark in my life.


Here’s OMDQ with two friends and his brother. I thoroughly enjoyed all of their company, but if I don’t write down a name or say it fifty times in my head, I forget it almost immediately. Including my own.


Here’s the mean old usher who made us all move. In his defense, a near-sellout at Camden these days qualifies as a PRETTY BIG DAMN DEAL. Sadly, I suspect it was more for the post-game fireworks than for the team.


Now, don’t think I wasn’t having any fun after I moved back down to my solitary seat. The people-watching was excellent from my vantage point on the causeway. This lady was like the female Homer Simpson, with her giant orange beer fist and chef’s cap.


I still can’t really explain this one. The game was D.C. vs. Baltimore. Why were we graced with the presence of a squadron of boozed-up Phillies fans? Do they really need to lord their championship over other long-suffering fans like this?


What is it about the Young Men’s Christian Association that sports fans love so much? These young ladies seem to believe that it might be fun to be there.


The guy on the left was so drunk he looked like he had suffered a stroke. (I’m going to feel really bad if he had, but he DID maintain a death-grip on a succession of bottled beers throughout the game). The lady on the right thrilled me with her neck tattoo.


This guy’s title confused me a bit. Is he in charge of alcohol *rules* compliance? Because god help him if he is. On the other hand, if he’s just in charge of getting people to comply with alcohol, he’s got the easiest job on earth.


Brian did come down and chat with me after my row cleared out a bit (the massive scoring binge by the O’s in the 6th took care of that). One reason he was probably glad he didn’t sit near me the whole time: he only had to endure one of these dumbass self-portrait attempts.


It just doesn’t get any better than this. Seriously.


This was how the evening ended. Sort of a warmup act for Independence Day. A huge portion of the crowd stayed for this, but the traffic leaving the stadium still wasn’t too bad. Which I was extremely grateful for, since I had run my gas tank almost empty trying to get there in time for the first pitch. I asked a cop where the nearest gas station was and booked it over with a few drops to spare.

Yeah, I got home late. And yeah, I felt it the next day, but I don’t care. It was worth it.

Extra P. Joins the Road Trip

There is an alarming trend afoot in the blogging world. People who are expected to stay home and type all day are actually meeting in person. It’s a little bit like a scene from Dawn of the Dead, with pale, monosyllabic creatures advancing slowly toward one another.

OMDQ and I are in the vanguard of that movement. We met for the first time last season when we toured Cooperstown together. Now, we’re making it two years running as we will be meeting at Camden Yards later today.

I’m taking my trusty camera, so look forward to some documentation. I’m also sure OMDQ will verbally harass me to talk to Ryan Zimmerman so I can explain the Z-Meter to him. I’m just not sure how much of that “nodding without listening and yearning for escape” I can stand, so I’m still weighing my options.

Anyway, let the party begin.

New Hampshire Fisher Cats, 8/14/08

A summit of sorts occurred last week at…wait, what’s the beautiful riverfront park in Manchester, NH, called? When it was built in 1998, it was Singer Family Park, but recently they changed it. Riverside Yards? Elysian Field? No? Oh, right: It’s Stadium now. Okay, as a tangent to this story, can anybody cite a crappier name for a stadium anywhere, ever?

But as I was saying, a summit of sorts occurred last week at the former Singer Family Park, with or without the help of the host New Hampshire Fisher Cats, who are currently in the cellar of the Eastern League’s Northern Division, 25 games behind first-place Trenton. No, the summit involved hanging out in the right-field bleachers with Bus Leagues bigwig OMDQ and his buddy Chris, cracking wise at the 13-7 drubbing the Cats received at the hands of the Harrisburg Senators. Well, 13-7 by the time the seventh rolled around. I don’t know about OMDQ and Chris, but my party called it a night at that point.

However, before the bloodbath, I was lucky enough to get a behind-the-scenes tour from one of the Fisher Cats’ unflappable media-relations people. As OMDQ is well aware but I hardly knew, these guys work brutal hours: During the regular season, it’s pretty much 9 a.m. until the game ends, which this evening must have been very, very late.

Okay, first of all, this is a fisher cat. Fortunately for us, it’s stuffed, because apparently fisher cats are really mean. They’re the porcupine’s only predator.

A statue of the Splendid Splinter in the stadium’s Ted Williams Room. Not pictured: A New Hamphire license plate, with only the number 9 on it, autographed by the man himself.

Yours truly gripping the PA mic in the press box.

They make latex.

The back of the scoreboard, underneath the grandstand.

It was Aviation Night. That’s my girlfriend, Jen, in the background with the foam Fisher Cat claw. She was a menace with that thing.

That’s Slider, one of the two mascots. The other one is named Fungo, but supposedly he smells, so people call him Fungus.

It really is a beautiful field. The left-field wall is all brick, with a green manual scoreboard; in left center, following proud Toronto tradition (the Fisher Cats are the Blue Jays’ AA affiliate), there’s a hotel with suites looking out onto the game.

The aforementioned summit, top of the fifth. OMDQ on the left, me in the center, Chris at right. Harrisburg batted around that inning—the third time it happened during this gnarly game—scoring four runs on three hits and four walks.

OMDQ and Chris were sitting near the Fisher Cats’ bullpen in right field; we had a little competition to see who could get the most baseball-card-like photo of lefty mop-up guy Jo Matumoto. I liked this one with the leg kick. Matumoto, born in Brazil and listed as 37 years old, entered the game with the Cats trailing 13-7; according to the next day’s box score, he spun 4.1 scoreless innings. The home team almost mounted a comeback, but wound up losing by a final tally of 13-11. Nonetheless, although we were long gone, a big fireworks show followed the game. Just more evidence that the Bus Leagues are the greatest.