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You Can Adopt a Red Sox Prospect

Yet another glimpse into the not so glamorous life of minor league baseball players; the Portland Sea Dogs, Boston’s AA team, are asking for an interesting favor from families in the Portland, Maine area.

Have you ever wanted to live with a professional baseball player? Here’s your chance…the Portland Sea Dogs, Double-A affiliate of the World Champion Boston Red Sox, are in need of host families for the 2008 season. Host families are asked to house a Sea Dogs player for little or no rent throughout their time in Portland. The Sea Dogs season runs from April through September with the players spending half that time on the road. While at home, most of the time is spent at the ballpark.
The players usually involve their host families in many of the team functions including tickets to the games. You could be living with the next Jonathan Papelbon or Jacoby Ellsbury!

There are many factors one needs to consider before making such an important decision:


-Conversation starter

-Could end up with someone like Sox #3 prospect Justin Masterson (SP) or #6 prospect Michael Bowden (SP), get a ton of merchandise signed and sell itwhen they make it big

-Get on the good side of Sox/Dogs management, recieve season tickets and team related merchandise for life

-Tell player to get the word out about hall of fame potential, which leads to major $$ after signing with Scott Boras

-Get a chance to pester him with questions after a game: “remember when you hit that double…that was awesome!”

-You assemble the best wiffle ball team on the block

-Or you hate the Red Sox and take the opportunity to sabatoge them once and for all, so that your favorite team can regain supremacy in the American League


-Could get stuck with a player que no habla ingles

-Player gets injured in your house, making you a wanted man/woman/family in the eyes of management. No season tickets or merchandise

-Potential headcase/control freak

-Humiliation by friends and neighbors years down the road if you house the next Carl Pavano instead of the next Johnathan Papelbon

Godspeed to everyone in Portland who is actually going through with this. If you have a story to tell, send it to us, we’d love to hear it.

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