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Doesn’t Matter What Leagues You Played In: 330 Is A Big Number

A few weeks ago, after Russell Branyan hit three homeruns in one game for the Nashville Sounds, I looked up his minor league stats at  The results were a little surprising: Branyan had more than 200 homeruns in his minor league career, highlighted by back-to-back seasons of 40 and 39 in 1996-97. 

By the time Branyan got the call from Milwaukee on Sunday, he had run that total to 210 homeruns.  Add in the 121 he has hit so far at the major league level, and we’re talking about a fairly impressive career tally, more than 330 roundtrippers in fifteen seasons as a professional (and a good chance of reaching 350, probably in 2009).

“I play for a love of the game, and the game’s not fun if you don’t produce and you’re not performing,” Branyan said. “I’m going to keep playing this game as long as I can, as long as I’m having fun and playing well.”

At Bus Leagues, we tend to focus on the prospects, the young guys striving to make the leap to The Show, and there’s nothing wrong with that.  Some of the stories and players there are quite remarkable.  Sometimes, however, it’s pretty cool to take the time to reflect on a guy like Branyan, who has proven himself at every level, yet remains as hungry as ever to play – and be successful at – Major League Baseball.