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Spotlight on AA Ball – 4/9/08

Your AA News:

Remember how the Mets traded away several prospects to get Johan Santana in their starting rotation? Meet Fernando Martinez, the guy they kept. He’s 19 years old and already in AA with the Binghamton Mets, and he’s still the #1 prospect for the Mets. []

For Art Solomon, owning the AA New Hampshire Fisher Cats (Blue Jays) was not enough. He just reached into Georgia and bought the Columbus Catfish (Rays) as well. I only have one piece of advice for Mr. Solomon – keep your mascots far, far away from one another. It could be a tragedy in the making. [Columbus Catfish]

Royals owner David Glass has always taken heat for not living close enough to Kansas City. At least now he can claim to be keeping an eye on the club’s future, as the Wal-Mart exec’s office in Bentonville is just a few miles from the KC-affiliated AA Northwest Arkansas Naturals home in Springdale, AR. []

If I may toot my own horn, I managed to work AA-ball into an article I wrote for ESPN: the Magazine’s website. I suggested that fans in San Antonio for the basketball try to fit in a baseball game between sessions. []

In an attempt to make the game more homey, the Portland Sea Dogs have gone so far as to paint the women’s restrooms. Goin’ whole hog! [OurSports Central]

That’s all I have time for today. Check back for the first real Zimmerman-o-meter on Thursday, and AAA news on Friday.

Spotlight on AA Ball – 4/2/2008

rascal-and-grounder.jpgAs a way to keep up with 300+ Minor League teams, we’ll be spreading things out a bit. We look at Rookie and A Ball on Monday, AA on Wednesday, and AAA on Friday. In-between: whatever strikes our fancy.

Here’s today’s AA roundup:

The Harrisburg Senators (Nationals) have a bit of a problem: Legislators do not make for good mascots. They have a large dog named Grrrrounder, but he isn’t the only costumed team rep, nor was he the first. Since 1998, Sens fans have rooted for Rascal (now that’s a name for a Senator!), who is an 8-foot-tall blue-and-yellow creature of indeterminate genesis. He claims his favorite shows are Sponge Bob Square Pants and Baywatch. Hey, everybody loves the Hoff!

Did you know there are Turf Awards for groundskeepers? Me either. But I say good for these guys, and good for the Sports Turf Managers Association, who took it upon themselves to honor the guys and gals who keep our fields of dreams green and beautiful.

You may remember the Birmingham Barons (White Sox) as the team that let Michael Jordan take his cuts during his first retirement. But they’re also the double-A team least likely to send you home hungry. A quick glance at the daily promotions for 2008 looks like this:

  • Monday: All-you-can-eat menus turn this into “Belly Buster Monday”.
  • Tuesday: Quarter hotdogs (and it’s also Zoo Day, so you can see where your mystery meat came from).
  • Wednesday: Nothing listed. If I were Alka-seltzer, I’d be giving these guys a call.
  • Thursday: “Thirsty Thursday” means dollar drinks and 20-cent wings.
  • Friday: Um. Just Fireworks.
  • Saturday: This is more like it. Super Saturday Fireworks and $5 Little Ceasers Pizza.
  • Sunday: Dreamland Ribs. I’ve never eaten ballpark ribs, but I’m pretty open to the concept.

There’s also something scheduled for August 9th called “Pyro-palooza!”, which might attract the wrong crowd.

The Tulsa Drillers (Rockies) have an exciting season ahead. Not only are they feeding talent to the World Series runner-up, but the club has reached an agreement to build a new stadium in downtown Tulsa. They also host parts of the Bedlam Series between the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State, which is one of the best rivalries in college athletics, no matter which sport you prefer.

And, finally, the San Antonio Missions (Padres) will bring an accomplished coaching staff to the diamond this season. New manager Bill Masse comes to the defending Texas League champs from OMDQ’s neck of the woods, where he managed the Fisher Cats (Blue Jays) to a third-place finish. He has also won an Olympic Gold Medal, as a player in 1988, and acted alongside Kevin Costner in “For the Love of the Game”. Masse’s hitting coach is four-time MLB all-star catcher Terry Kennedy, and his pitching coach is Steve Webber, who coached the Georgia Bulldogs to the 1990 National Championship.

That’s it for today. Look for the AAA news on Friday.