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The Z-Meter – 4/24/2008

The Z-meter tracks the story arcs of 25 top prospects (or players we just like) on their way to the bigs. It is named after current Washington Nationals star Ryan Zimmerman, who made the transition from anchoring the University of Virginia to starring in MLB in one year.


Evan Longoria, 3B, Durham (AAA) to Tampa Bay Rays (MLB)
Luke Hochevar, RHP, Omaha (AAA) to Kansas City Royals (MLB)

Travis Snider, OF, Dunedin (A-Advanced) to New Hampshire (AA)

Josh Vitters, 3B, Boise (Short A) to Peoria (A)

Last week, I added Max Scherzer and Luke Hochevar to get a little more pitching representation on the Z-meter. Hochevar was promptly called up, and I’m going to try to maintain the balance we’ve established by turning to our search terms. WordPress provides many little gadgets to help writers figure out what readers are reading most, and one of those is a rundown of search terms that bring readers to specific posts. Well, one of our three most popular search terms is “Eric Niesen“, a pitcher I wrote about briefly because his A-Advanced start was put on hold so El Duque could make a rehab start at St. Lucie (Mets). Well, the Wake Forest product seems to be drawing interest for other reasons, and that’s enough for me to put him in my rotation. Welcome, Eric!

I also added Luke Montz of Harrisburg after reading about his stellar play behind the plate for the Harrisburg Senators. Welcome, Luke!

Let’s see who’s hot this week:

The top level. These prospects are in AAA in the prime of their youth, and ready for the call that will change their lives.

Jay Bruce, CF – Louisville Bats (Reds): .319 – 10R – 3HR – 12RBI – 4SB – .536 SLG – .879 OPS

Homer Bailey, RHP – Louisville Bats (Reds): 4GS – 3W – 1L – 1.03 ERA – 4BB – 16K

Andrew McCutchen, CF – Indianapolis Indians (Pirates): .282 – 15R – 4HR – 10RBI – 4SB – .549 SLG – .927 OPS

Carlos Gonzalez, RF – Sacramento River Cats (Athletics): .348 – 11R – 3HR – 9RBI – 0SB – .522 SLG – .930 OPS

Ian Stewart, 3B – Colorado Springs Sky Sox (Rockies): .323 – 17R – 5HR – 20RBI – 2SB – .662 SLG – 1.062 OPS

Joe Koshansky, 1B – Colorado Springs Sky Sox (Rockies): .322 – 15R – 4HR – 12RBI – 0SB – .661 SLG – 1.113 OPS

Colby Rasmus, OF – Memphis Redbirds (Cardinals): .222 – 12R – 3HR – 10RBI – 2SB – .358 SLG – .5677 OPS

Max Scherzer, RHP – Tucson Sidewinders (Diamondbacks): 4GS – 0W – 0L – 1.17 ERA – 3BB – 38K

These guys also have the potential to skip straight to the majors, but are more likely to get promoted to the top of this meter first.

Clayton Kershaw, LHP – Jacksonville Suns (Dodgers): 4GS – 0W – 3L – 1.83 ERA – 8BB – 23K

Fernando Martinez, CF – Binghamton Mets (Mets): .262 – 12R – 1HR – 6RBI – 1SB – .381 SLG – .678 OPS

Jacob McGee, LHP – Montgomery Biscuits (Rays): 3GS – 1W – 1L – 2.77 ERA – 7BB – 16K

Cameron Maybin, CF – Carolina Mudcats (Marlins): .286 – 11R – 3HR – 7RBI – 3SB – .492 SLG – .908 OPS

Lars Anderson, 1B – Lancaster JetHawks (Red Sox): .265 – 16R – 3HR – 9RBI – 0SB – .471 SLG – .838 OPS

Wade Davis, RHP – Montgomery Biscuits (Rays): 4GS – 2W – 1L – 4.09 ERA – 8BB – 11K

Elvis Andrus, SS – Frisco RoughRiders (Rangers): .286 – 8R – 0HR – 9RBI – 3BB – 5SB – .325 SLG – .654 OPS

Jeff Samardzija, P – Tennessee Smokies (Cubs): 4GS – 2W – 1L – 2.35 ERA – 6BB – 11K

Luke Montz, C – Harrisburg Senators (Nationals): .400 – 5R – 3HR – 13RBI – 4BB – 0SB – .675 SLG – 1.130 OPS

Travis Snider, RF – Dunedin Blue Jays (Blue Jays): .125 – 1R – 0HR – 5RBI – 0SB – .125 SLG – .347 OPS

These guys have vast potential but need to work out some kinks in A-ball before they can advance.

David Price, LHP – (Rays): No 2008 Stats

Rick Porcello, RHP – Lakeland Tigers (Detroit): 4GS – 1W – 3L – 1.35 ERA – 5BB – 16K

Josh Vitters, 3B – Peoria Chiefs (Cubs): .214 – 1R – 0HR – 1RBI – 0BB – 0SB – .429 SLG – .643 OPS

Matt Wieters, C – Frederick Keys (Orioles): .400 – 11R – 4HR – 13RBI – 10BB – 1SB – .700 SLG – 1.5184 OPS

Mike Moustakas, SS – Burlington Bees (Royals): .204 – 3R – 0HR – 1RBI – 1SB – .204 SLG – .475 OPS

Eric Niesen, P – St. Lucie Mets (Mets): 3GS – 0W – 1L – 4.50 ERA – 9BB – 12K

Prospects chosen from Diamond Cutter’s Top 25, Baseball America, and my own irrational sense of whimsy.

Spotlight on A Ball – 4/14/2008

In case you’ve ever wondered what makes for an ideal affiliate for an MLB franchise, here’s what the Detroit Tigers look for. It’s a nice look at the ins and outs of the Player Development Contract from a feature called “Baseball 101” [Detroit News]

This next story is not technically about A-ball. It’s about the Venezuelan baseball academies, which have always seemed kind of sad to me. Probably because they’re out there snagging 16-year-olds.¬†Nonetheless, some of these kids will make it to at least the minors, and some of them will be in a ballpark near you. [Miami Herald]

Meet the Beloit Snappers (Twins). They love pancakes. And waffles. [Janesville Gazette]

You have to love this story. It’s about a guy named David Beal who has devoted years to supporting the Winston-Salem Warthogs (White Sox). He’s never been paid, but he shows up every day and offers to help because he just loves the game. [Winston-Salem Journal]

Big A-ball trade! Perales for Coutlanges! I don’t really know anything about these guys, I just liked their names. []

An intrepid lady reporter eats Chef Boyardee as a temporary member of the Lake Elsinore Storm (Padres) [Orange County Register]

If you’re going to get your start skipped in A-ball, you might as well get to meet El Duque. The story of St. Lucie Mets pitcher Eric Niesen [Monroe News]

That’s A News for this week. Look for AA on Wednesday, the Z-Meter on Thursday, and AAA news on Friday.