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Spotlight on A Ball – 4/14/2008

In case you’ve ever wondered what makes for an ideal affiliate for an MLB franchise, here’s what the Detroit Tigers look for. It’s a nice look at the ins and outs of the Player Development Contract from a feature called “Baseball 101” [Detroit News]

This next story is not technically about A-ball. It’s about the Venezuelan baseball academies, which have always seemed kind of sad to me. Probably because they’re out there snagging 16-year-olds.¬†Nonetheless, some of these kids will make it to at least the minors, and some of them will be in a ballpark near you. [Miami Herald]

Meet the Beloit Snappers (Twins). They love pancakes. And waffles. [Janesville Gazette]

You have to love this story. It’s about a guy named David Beal who has devoted years to supporting the Winston-Salem Warthogs (White Sox). He’s never been paid, but he shows up every day and offers to help because he just loves the game. [Winston-Salem Journal]

Big A-ball trade! Perales for Coutlanges! I don’t really know anything about these guys, I just liked their names. []

An intrepid lady reporter eats Chef Boyardee as a temporary member of the Lake Elsinore Storm (Padres) [Orange County Register]

If you’re going to get your start skipped in A-ball, you might as well get to meet El Duque. The story of St. Lucie Mets pitcher Eric Niesen [Monroe News]

That’s A News for this week. Look for AA on Wednesday, the Z-Meter on Thursday, and AAA news on Friday.