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I Know Phillip Wellman – You, Sir, Are No Phillip Wellman

When I read this article about the excellently named Kash Beauchamp (kudos to your parents, sir), the manager of the independent American Association’s Wichita Wingnuts who was ejected and later suspended following a profanity-laced on-field tirade on Wednesday, I was impressed with the man’s work.  Read the story – that’s an impressive sounding display, is it not?

Here’s the video:

Call me crazy, but I expected more.  Yes, Beauchamp was clearly pissed off (the Bobblehead Maneuver was a bit impressive – as he said later, “I didn’t realize my head was bouncing around like that.  I’m lucky I didn’t dislocate my freakin’ neck.”) and announced his presence with authority, but taking the shoes off?  Making the umpire smell your armpit?  Mildly impressive, but worth no more than a 1.4 on the Mikulik-Wellman Scale, if that.

On a personal note, because that’s what we’re all about here: our condolences to Beauchamp, who lost his father over the winter and spent significant time in the days before the tirade in the hospital with his seriously ill grandmother.  Stuff like that can put anyone in a bad frame of mind.

(I forget where I originally saw this.  It wasn’t at SI – I think it might’ve been The Big Lead)

Video: Jay Bruce’s First Major League Homerun

I once hit a walkoff homerun. It was in Little League. We were trailing, 8-7, in the last inning when I came up to bat with the bases loaded. I ripped a line drive just inside the first base line and managed to touch ’em all before they got the ball in for a game-winning, inside-the-park grand slam*.

*Truth be told, it was Little League, and I wasn’t the World’s Fastest Kid.  There were probably about six errors on the play that allowed me to score.  I like my version better.

So yeah, I know EXACTLY how Jay Bruce felt when he crushed this game-winner last Saturday for his first major league homer.