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Mike Moustakas Is Having One Of Those Months

I drafted Kansas City Royals prospect Mike Moustakas in my fantasy baseball league this year, thinking he might be a good guy to hold onto for a couple years.  He’s only twenty, had a great year last year for Burlington, and figured to be a key part in the team’s future.

Right now, however, the kid is struggling.  Even last month, CBS Sports threw up an update or two noting that he was having a tough time in Wilmington (A+).  On July 13, though, he went 2-6 with a homerun; I thought to myself, “Alright, maybe he’s getting ready to break out.”


Since that day, Moustakas is a staggering 0-34.  He has one run scored, one RBI, two walks.  His on-base percentage for the season is .284, and to top it off, he leads the team with 17 errors in the field.  The guy is just having one of those months.

Let’s look at the silver linings to this situation, though.  One, Moustakas is, as mentioned above, only twenty years old and playing in High A ball.  That’s a decent level of competition against which he should struggle from time to time.  Two, like Jamie McOwen’s long hitting streak proved, lengthy streaks aren’t necessarily indicative of all-around ability – I’m guessing Mighty Mouse has hit a few balls hard during this skid, but they just haven’t found holes.  And third, this is giving him a chance to practice dealing with adversity.  As long as he doesn’t get too discouraged and keeps working, I think that can be a good thing.

Keep the faith, young Moustakas, and this, too, shall pass.