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This Week in Bobbleheads Week 13

I guess if Elvis can have impersonators everywhere, then even our 44th president can have one as well.  The Cyclones tried to pass off that Obama was actually in the house the night of his bobblehead last week.  The likeness wasn’t so bad, but one glaring difference was that the guy threw off the mound right-handed when all Obama afficionados know that the President is a lefty.  Funny but poor job by Brooklyn in finding Randy West off the streets to impersonate him.  Here’s the week ahead:

Wisconsin Woodchucks 6/29/09 Jim Gantner (Brewers Uni) – First 500 – 2nd bobblehead over a 2 week span for Gantner.

New Hampshire Fishercats 6/29/09 Johnny Pesky – First 2,000 – At least in this installment of Red Sox nation they didn’t piggyback off the Spinners like usual.

Tri-City Valleycats 6/29/09 David Patterson – First 1,000 – If only Elliott Spitzer hadn’t done his dirty deeds, this could have been him.

Lakewood BlueClaws 6/30/09 J.A. Happ (Made it to the Phillies) – First 2,000 – This guy is actually pitching better than Cole Hamels in 2009.

Savannah Sandgnats 6/30/09 Mr. Met (Mascot) – First 1,000 – I guess they had too many poses of their own mascot Gnic the Gnat so they honor their parent club.

Traverse City Beach Bums 7/1/09 Roger Mason -First 500 – Formar Phillies reliever from the area who actually was on their roster in the 1993 World Series vs. the Blue Jays.

Lowell Spinners 7/2/09 Jed Lowrie – First 1,500 – The Spinners’ first 2009 bobblehead honors the Sox future at SS and a former #1 draft pick.

State College Spikes 7/2/09 Bob The Baseball Dog (Mascot) – First 1,000 – Another team jumping on the bat dog bandwagon. Nobody beats Chase in Trenton though.

Lowell Spinners 7/3/09 Spinners Fan – First 1,500 – Spinners recognize their huge following in this prized possession.

Cincinnati Reds 7/4/09 Jay Bruce – Only bobblehead in MLB this week depicts part of the Reds outstanding youth movement.

West Virginia Power 7/4/09 Robert Byrd Bronze Statuette – First 1,000 – One of the few times a U.S. Senator has been ensconsed in bronze for a baseball event.

Willamsport Crosscutters 7/5/09 Charlie Manuel – First 1,000 – The last in the “Manuel Series” we hope.

This week will actually take me to my debut in Tri-City along with Lakewood. Hopefully the Cats won’t try to impersonate Patterson, but if they do, make sure they have him throw a pitch the way he would, haha. Enjoy the holiday my friends and remember to follow all the bobblehead action and trade with us at